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Mental Health and Resilience Programme


Supervision is not just for counsllors and psychotherapists, it can help all the staff in your organisation that have to deal with people or difficult situations. Watch the video to find out more…

mymHarp reduce stress maximise wellbeing

my mHarp is a new website we have created to give you a wealth of resources to help you tackle the stresses of everyday life. Designed by qualified counsellors it incorporates relaxing music, VR Landscapes, Interventions, Leaflets, Sleep Stories, Binaural soundscapes, Yoga and much more.

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From the Health and Safety Executive. Data gathered from the Labour Force Survey.

Million Working Days Lost

Estimated, 2017/18

Of All Work Related Ill Health Caused by Mental Distress


Workers with Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Rate Per 100,000, 2017/18

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Stress Risk Assessments

Protect your employees from tasks and duties that may cause high levels of stress



Find out how your team are really doing and flag up anyone at risk in the workplace


Return To Work

Questionnaires for employees returning to work after time off due to stress.


Line Manager Competency

Self assessment to make sure managers know how best they can support their team


Mental Health Resources

Carefully created resources to help you and your team manage your mental health


Professional Assessment

Our team of counsellors are on hand to assess those flagged as ‘at risk’ and recommend next steps

Telephone Counselling

A convenient and effective service that puts those affected the worst on the road to recovery



Supervision for employees to reflect on and discuss  their work in a safe an confidential environment.


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